Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I didn't get my camera out when I was last in the US anywhere near as much as I should have. I got a few alright shots... I managed to see this great band Baroness a couple of times. Some friends of mine had been raving about the cds for a while I guess I just didn't pay that much attention until I actually saw them and the blew me away. I also realised that I had met the bassist in 2005 at Best Friends Day in Richmond VA.

Summer on the "mosh bike" during the R.A.M.B.O. set at Best Friends Day.

Summer showing off his award winning mutilated Waste baby beer bong at Best Friends Day


I was blasting my ears with the ep these Perth lads release while I was on the tram this morning and it was making me real happy. Here is some photos from the show the played with Artimus Pyle in Perth a little while back. They have LP coming out on Deep Six

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Here are some photos of the monsterous Corrupted band that I took last year in Japan. Whitehorse played our first show in Japan with Corrupted, Birushanah, Ryokuchi and Palm. The line-up was great.

Boris at the Wizard's Convention in Tokyo

I was emailing with Scott Slimm who has an awesome CD label, Archive and he was saying that he was off to see Boris, Thrones and Growing, which is an awesome show. I thought I might add some photos of Boris I took when Emile and I headed up to Tokyo for the Wizard's Convention after the end of the Whitehorse Japan Tour mid 2005.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blarke Bayer Launch

Ben Andrews (My Disco!, Agents Of Abhorrence, Clann Zu) launched his long over due solo cd, he goes by the name Blarke Bayer and is currently playing some pretty rad drone. The show was definately one of the best I have seen him do for a while.

The Blarke Bayer 3" cd is out now on Numerical Thief.

Playing the opening slot was Malakat with Grover (Whitehorse, True Radical Miracle) in as a guest... I will be putting out a cd by these guys later in the year... they also have support slots on the upcoming Birchville Cat Motel / 1/3 Octave Band tour and Wolf Eyes tour so check them out.

This is Simon (he also plays bass in Whitehorse)

This is Edryan and Grover.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

These photos are a few weeks old now... I will, as I begin to update more regularly include some photos from my archives... these were taken at Pony in Melbourne, the place was packed to capacity. If you ever have the opportunity to see this band don't think twice as they are damn awesome!

I will definately post some better photos of these guys sometime soon.

Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device

Here is a couple of images of Lucas performing his world famous Justice Yeldham set. The sound he makes with his glass is totally obliterating... Pretty powerfull stuff...

After the performance and before buying a blood smeared 7" complete with large portion of blood soaked glass I took the opportunity to have my photo taken along side Justice Yeldam.

This is the 7" & glass smeared with blood.

The Beginning.

Here we go... This blog will document two things. It will include photos, thoughts and tales of myself Pete Hyde and my journeys and it will also document the movements of my music label Sweat Lung. The first three releases on Sweat Lung were Whitehorse cds; LUNG001: Whitehorse - Oceans Turn To Black/West Of The Sun live CD (OOP), LUNG002: Whitehorse - Caverns, Japan Tour CD and LUNG003: Whitehorse - Live at Sinkagura, Osaka Japan. The next three releases which I will post about in more detail at a later date are; LUNG004: Ian Wadley - TBA cd, LUNG005 Malakat - TBA cd and Chris Smith & Justin K Fuller - s/t CD. These next three releases will go into production in August of 2006.

Return regularly for updates.