Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blarke Bayer Launch

Ben Andrews (My Disco!, Agents Of Abhorrence, Clann Zu) launched his long over due solo cd, he goes by the name Blarke Bayer and is currently playing some pretty rad drone. The show was definately one of the best I have seen him do for a while.

The Blarke Bayer 3" cd is out now on Numerical Thief.

Playing the opening slot was Malakat with Grover (Whitehorse, True Radical Miracle) in as a guest... I will be putting out a cd by these guys later in the year... they also have support slots on the upcoming Birchville Cat Motel / 1/3 Octave Band tour and Wolf Eyes tour so check them out.

This is Simon (he also plays bass in Whitehorse)

This is Edryan and Grover.


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