Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Beginning.

Here we go... This blog will document two things. It will include photos, thoughts and tales of myself Pete Hyde and my journeys and it will also document the movements of my music label Sweat Lung. The first three releases on Sweat Lung were Whitehorse cds; LUNG001: Whitehorse - Oceans Turn To Black/West Of The Sun live CD (OOP), LUNG002: Whitehorse - Caverns, Japan Tour CD and LUNG003: Whitehorse - Live at Sinkagura, Osaka Japan. The next three releases which I will post about in more detail at a later date are; LUNG004: Ian Wadley - TBA cd, LUNG005 Malakat - TBA cd and Chris Smith & Justin K Fuller - s/t CD. These next three releases will go into production in August of 2006.

Return regularly for updates.


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