Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Jewels & Breathing Shrine

Caught the first show of Family Jewels, Nick from Onani / Circle Pit at Forepaw the other night, pretty promising beginings from this Sydney fella. Afterward Breathing Shrine, Bonnie Mercer and Rob Mayson from Grey Daturas and about a million other outfits, played a great set. Highly recommend checking out both these acts.



Absoluten Calfeutrail

Absoluten Calfeutrail performing in a Thornbury lounge room a few weeks back. Harsh, abrasive brutality. Absoluten is Grover who also plays in True Radical Miracle, Whitehorse, and CTV. He has great release on Sabbatical, Idget Child and Smell The Stench and also a future release on Sweatlung. Check out Absoluten actions and other Grover related info HERE.

Junk Brothers

Featured previously here in some shots from Pony a while back, these shots of Rod Cooper and Sean Baxter were taken at one of the monthly Sabbatical Presents nights at The After Dark in Thornbury. The Sabbatical nights at the After Dark along with the Stutter nights at Horse Baazar are must attend events if your keen to see great experimental party hits.

Sean Baxter & junk.

Rod Cooper and one of his contraptions.

Both great performers and people!

Under The Bridge

There has been a bunch of shows under the Northcote Bridge over Merri Creek in Clifton Hill, I have played two shows down there one with Thugz n' Playaz and another with Collapsed Toilet Vietnam. I didn't really get any photos of any of the bands playing but here is some shots of the gathering under the bridge when Pathetic Human, Bleak Infinity, Bum Creek, Gauntlet (KRYSTOFFKRVSTOFFISTON & Always), Collapsed Toilet Vietnam and Spacebong played. A pretty awesome place to watch a show.

Northcote Bridge

Tommy Gun of Pathetic Human & Bleak Infinity

L-R Bernie, (dawg), Tara, Nat, Nissa, Dan... rad folk.

Gauntlet (true grey metal)


True Northcote Black Metal!

Spacebong (not true Adelaide black metal)