Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Piss Stains Across Europe Part Two: The Party Continues

Here is the second lot of photos from the tour. Note that this stuff is not in chronological order. I missed out on taking photos of a bunch of stuff due to being drunk or filming stuff with the video camera... with any luck we will be able to salvage enough footage from what I have filmed for some sort of video/dvd release.

Anyway... to the photos...

Pisschrist's first European show at the Kopi Squat in Koma F, people went nuts it was great.

Me, Jimmy and Tristan the tag-a-long in the van.

Timmy Stix gets all saucy on the kit (somewhere in Sweden).

Fresh full of seitan steaks tonight the guys drink the worst beer that Sweden can provide. Note: If you are well into good beer when you go to Sweden you will not find anything that even remotely resembles good beer so prepare to be disappointed.

Jimmy getting all metal on us in Sweden.

Grey Daturas

These photos I took at Grey Daturas first show back in Melbourne after their recent US tour. It was great night at the Tote Hotel with Grey Daturas, Birchville Cat Motel, Whitehorse, 1/3 Octave Band and Blarke Bayer.

Birchville Cat Motel & 1/3 Octave Band

More of the photo's I have had trouble getting to go up... finally... We had a bunch of fun having these lovely gents in Melbourne recently. My photos of them are a little lame but the sounds that Birchville and 1/3 Octave produced at the shows were fantastic. Can't wait for them to come back to Australia.

Birchville Cat Motel

1/3 Octave Band


This night Zond (featuring Justin Fuller from the Chris Smith & Justin cd that I will be releasing on Sweat Lung September-ish) along with members of The Stabs, On etc. total shreaded heads.. one in particular which was shreaded on a brick support by the side of the stage (see bloody ground & busted glass). Raging noise rock, totally overblown. The set was too short and they were angry as hell... Justin shows the love.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's Is & the Dancer

I was having trouble uploading photos for a while... it seems to be back on track now so soon there will be more getting banged up.

Here are some photos of Rob Mayson's (Grey Daturas, EOH, Diagnosis Don't Label) solo project It's Is was a great wall of drone this night, a show with 1/3 Octave Band (NZ), Bad Cop Bad Cop, Zond and Birchville Cat Motel (NZ). Paul Kidney the local fluro psyche head definatey was feeling the groove this night.

Piss Stains Over Europe Part One: The Cast

I'm currently traveling around Europe with Pisschrist on a six week tour.

I have left myself out of this initial posting but here are some of the characters I have been spending time with over the past few weeks... this is the van crew:

Tim (drums) and Yeap (vocals) at Yellow Dog Records in Berlin while we were packing the inserts into the covers for the fresh holocrustic punk LP by Pisschrist

Dave (Guitar) and Yeap getting really fuckin' punk on the sreets of Berlin.

Tristan the tag-a-long getting all saucey with Rob at the Halford Bar (jacket supplied by Joel from Toxic Holocaust) while we were left behind for the first few days due to van failure.

Cookie in the van with "the saucey woman from the sky" his GPS that helps us on our merry way.

Andreas Thrash Bastard the man with the plan he booked the shows and sorts us out (ignore Dave) and Marko the Austrian Bomber who drives the fuck out of the van.

That's the main players of the Pisschrist tour I will post more photos as time comes to hand and maybe some tales of the happenings... the tour has been going really well .