Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Piss Stains Over Europe Part One: The Cast

I'm currently traveling around Europe with Pisschrist on a six week tour.

I have left myself out of this initial posting but here are some of the characters I have been spending time with over the past few weeks... this is the van crew:

Tim (drums) and Yeap (vocals) at Yellow Dog Records in Berlin while we were packing the inserts into the covers for the fresh holocrustic punk LP by Pisschrist

Dave (Guitar) and Yeap getting really fuckin' punk on the sreets of Berlin.

Tristan the tag-a-long getting all saucey with Rob at the Halford Bar (jacket supplied by Joel from Toxic Holocaust) while we were left behind for the first few days due to van failure.

Cookie in the van with "the saucey woman from the sky" his GPS that helps us on our merry way.

Andreas Thrash Bastard the man with the plan he booked the shows and sorts us out (ignore Dave) and Marko the Austrian Bomber who drives the fuck out of the van.

That's the main players of the Pisschrist tour I will post more photos as time comes to hand and maybe some tales of the happenings... the tour has been going really well .


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