Friday, April 25, 2008

True Radical Miracle

Last night I headed down to Pony and took in a rare appearance from one of Australia's finest bands True Radical Miracle. If you haven't come across this band and you are a fan of bands like Pissed Jeans, Snake Apartment, Dry Rot, Born Against & the like then you need check this shit out.

They have a few releases from the most recent back we have "Cockroaches" on Missing Link, "Roaches Parts 1 & 2" on Sabbatical, "Some Songs For Shame" on Eerie Stratum and the "Taste The Rainbow" cassette on Fuckn Stoner.

Taste The Rainbow will see cd release, with possible bonus material on Sweat Lung at some point which makes me very happy.

Here are some shots of TRM in action:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rahduuuuuuuuunes in the house!

So yeah, I somehow vagued out in work world for a couple of months and lost track of where I was at with a couple of label releases. Snapping out of it I have finally got the covers to the awesome Rahdunes release, this is the CD release of the LP that came out on Emperor Jones last year and it's a fuckin' bliss filled journey that I never want to hear the end of. Available from Me and Missing Link as of now and more places as soon as possible. 6 panel, double sided, 2 colour, metalic ink printed covers on "bone" card stock with full colour printed pro-pressed disc. Mastered for CD by Greg Wadley. Limited to 500.

email getonthehorse[@] to order a copy or for more information.

Fabulous Diamonds

So my housemate Jarrod and friend Nisa play in this great outfit Fabulous Diamonds and they have a great new CD out on Michael K.'s Nervous Jerk label vinyl to come soon on Siltbreeze. It's great and the photos rule!

I bet y'all jealous I get to see this mans hairy torso wondering to the shower every other morning while I'm eating breakfast.

Menche / MIBEM

So the MIBEM Festival happened in Melbourne recently and was totally awesome thanks to Pateras, Fox, Annalee etc. There was killer performances all round but unfortunately my camera battery was not cutting it. I have only a couple of ok / average shots from a new point & shoot that I'm not used to yet.

Openers and Melbourne's loudest wall of destruction Y35.3 (above)

Daniel Menche total mind evaporation (below)

What I experienced at MIBEM was generally pretty awesome. Highlights, Sean Baxter & Valerio Tricoli Duo, Menche, all the collaborations at the Horse Bazaar closing party! had a blast unleashing some fury during the Collapsed Toilet Vietnam vs. Daniel Menche set.

Check out some MIBEM photos including the CTV vs. Menche shots HERE.