Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Menche / MIBEM

So the MIBEM Festival happened in Melbourne recently and was totally awesome thanks to Pateras, Fox, Annalee etc. There was killer performances all round but unfortunately my camera battery was not cutting it. I have only a couple of ok / average shots from a new point & shoot that I'm not used to yet.

Openers and Melbourne's loudest wall of destruction Y35.3 (above)

Daniel Menche total mind evaporation (below)

What I experienced at MIBEM was generally pretty awesome. Highlights, Sean Baxter & Valerio Tricoli Duo, Menche, all the collaborations at the Horse Bazaar closing party! had a blast unleashing some fury during the Collapsed Toilet Vietnam vs. Daniel Menche set.

Check out some MIBEM photos including the CTV vs. Menche shots HERE.


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Top shot pete!

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