Monday, March 26, 2007

Justice Yeldham "Cicatrix" CD

Fresh from the pressing plant I got the covers for the Justice Yeldham "Cicatrix" CD.

Cicatrix is the first full length outing from Justice Yeldham and is presented in four parts:

Part One: Studio - The first studio recordings of Lucas playing his pieces of glass.

Part Two: Digital Soundchecks - Recently recovered sound files from his one and only digital tour at the end of 2005, these tracks were recorded soundchecks that Lucas used to play back and eq.

Part Three: Live - Live recordings from Zurich, Sydney & Toronto.

Part Four: Video - The video that youtube rejected for inappropriate content filmed in Bologna, Italy.

These will be available to order in the next few days. Please email getonthehorse[@] (remove brackets) to order.

Also still available, Ian Wadley - three uneasy pieces, Chris Smith & Justin Fuller CD and Whitehorse - Live in Japan.

Coming Next: Magnetics - CD & Blarke Bayer / Bone Sheriff - split CD.