Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cooper / Baxter & Justice

Last Friday night I headed down to Pony to catch performances by Rod Cooper & Sean Baxter and the always amazing Justice Yeldham here is a few photos of the event.

Rod Cooper appears in a film called Sticky Carpet about the Melbourne music scene which should be released in the not too distant future by Siren Visual.

Sean Baxter and a pile of percussion.

Rod Cooper manipulates his sound device, this produced some amazing sounds.

Justice Yeldham. (below)

Totally amazing.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mass Traumatic Saturday Night.

Ok. So Sydney's Masstrauma were in town and I went down to catch them play at a house in Coberg. These photos are a handful from the night that only begin to hint at how ridiculous the night was.


Fingers managed to get smashed with a raw sausage. This is just one of the photo I have of him smeared with snag. More may appear over time.

This is some Gummo shit going on here.
NOTE: The death of this cat was due to being run over by a car, none of the people there are sick enough to kill a cat, unfortunately Fingers is sick enough to pick it up and pose for photos with it.


The fun times. After the show the lounge room was briefly turned into a mattress wrestling event TJ and Aleshia amongst others went hard out. This was much more out of control than it appears in these photos... fun times.

Fuck... I'm Dead

Gore grind seriously is a silly genre of music... I am a fan of Fuck... I'm Dead but I have to laugh at dudes in thier mid thirtys behaving like this at thier Missing Link instore.

Jay jerkin' it.

Pisschrist in the flesh.

While up in Sydney I ran into artist and frontman of Smash n' Grab, Spider. He now has a crazy Pisschrist logo tattoo'd on his neck. Brutal!

Municipal Waste Ripping Through Australia.

When I got back from the Pisschrist tour it was straight on to a few shows with Municipal Waste. They had some awesome shows and it was a blast. Unfortunately I only got a couple of site worthy photos...

This Sydney crowd shot seems dated already.

Phil gets brutal.

Ryan unleashes the axe.

The Waste stop off at the Giant Koala for a battle... the Koala got wasted.