Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mass Traumatic Saturday Night.

Ok. So Sydney's Masstrauma were in town and I went down to catch them play at a house in Coberg. These photos are a handful from the night that only begin to hint at how ridiculous the night was.


Fingers managed to get smashed with a raw sausage. This is just one of the photo I have of him smeared with snag. More may appear over time.

This is some Gummo shit going on here.
NOTE: The death of this cat was due to being run over by a car, none of the people there are sick enough to kill a cat, unfortunately Fingers is sick enough to pick it up and pose for photos with it.


The fun times. After the show the lounge room was briefly turned into a mattress wrestling event TJ and Aleshia amongst others went hard out. This was much more out of control than it appears in these photos... fun times.


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