Sunday, August 20, 2006

5 Things I'm Listening To.

Ok, with very little explination this is what I have been listening too (note: this is about 5 of 50 things currently on rotation in earshot of my head).

Dialing In - Cows In Lye
(Pseudo Arcarna)
Some killer drone, thanks AM.

Saviours - Crucifire
This shit is cheesey as all hell but after seeing these guys a few times earlier this year these riffs have been staying with me.

The Focus / Amateur Party - Split CD
(Missing Link Records)
Ok, so I had a pretty big part in this release coming together so I am totally bias. Killer melodic indie punk half from Melbourne, Austraila, half from Philly, PA.

Criminal Damage - Criminal Damage
(Feral Ward)
For some reason this has become my favorite punk album of recent times. Catchy stuff.

Well, I seriously didn't think I would like this at all, even hesitated on listening to it and even though i do refer to it as Kravitz On Fire I gotta say it's great.


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