Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pointless Fest 2005... ahh the memories...

For the past couple of years I have been a very happy attendent of Philly's Pointless Fest. I was kinda bummed that I was missing this years Fest but my compensation was that I had Municipal Waste down here on tour and I was seeing some of the most fun shows Australia has experienced in a while.

So, while at this great Melbourne show with Municipal Waste, Blood Duster, Agents Of Abhorrence and Dad They Broke Me at the wonderful Arthouse we recieved news that Pointless Fest had been shut down. Which totally sucks, there is an account of sorts of the events at the R5 Productions site if you want to read about it (note: you should visit this site to see all the rad shows that Sean and the R5 crew put on in Philly).

So... the photos, from Pointless Fest and surrounds 2005:

Municipal Waste tearing up the stage at the Church.

Scott Moore of Limp Wrist sexing it up on the dancefloor after one of the shows.

Tristan (Schifosi) and John (Fighting Dogs) hitting up the Mexican and cheap margaritas after the show (note: they are both wearing Forward t-shirts that match the colour of their drinks!!!)

Steve of Inepsy busts out his penis tattoo "abuse".

Look Back & Laugh playing a awesome basement show with Drop Dead, Asshole Parade & Schifosi. This was a little ways out of Philly (I forget the name of the town). LBAL are so damn good!


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