Friday, August 04, 2006

Piss Stains Across Europe Part 4: Spain in Black and White

Some black and white shots from Spain...

Yeap in full effect.

Jimmy strikes a wicked pose.

Yeap passes the mic to Marko and Andreas while in the air.

Lost pants.

The dance


Blogger rhysatan said...

hey hyde!!

Rhys here! Are you back in Australia? Good to hang and chat in k-town with you! Hows your snore patterns? You should mic em up, stick em through a chorus and a muff, then release it...I think the idea has legs... JaMS told me the waste played rohan's house?...blimey, that would have been pretty sound. If you speak to those guys, ask them if they are touring europe soon? Anyway, hit me back bruv and ill maybe catch you on the other side!


8:38 AM  

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