Sunday, November 04, 2007

Raw Duudes

Rahdunes: Aaron & Nate.

I spent some time today with Greg Wadley tweaking at the Rahdunes master for release on the Lung. I'm really digging this material. If you are a vinyl freak you should definitely check out the vinyl release of this Rahdunes stuff on Emperor Jones.

With any luck this will be ready to go by mid December, just have to finish tweaking the master and finalize the artwork.

Also this Monday sees the first flush of Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, featuring 4 of 6 Whitehorse members. Tapes will be available in the next few weeks. The debut show takes place at Pony with our schedule slot being 8:30 to 8:40. Here is some words about the show:
"To celebrate the release of the Absoluten Calfeutrail / Y35.3 split cassette on Max Kohane's Idget Child label, Pony is hosting a launch show featuring a substantial lineup of Melbourne's best. Opening the show is the debut performance of Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, a scum bucket quartet made up of Whitehorse members. Armyish follow with a rare performance from the trio of Marcus Griffin, Justin Fuller and Emile Zile. Antisocial rock trio Deep Where All Drown then offer a set of ugly art, followed by Embers with their relentless grindcore in the late ‘60s free jazz tradition. Rounding out the evening is Absoluten Calfeutrail (Mark Groves of Whitehorse/True Radical Miracle) making a terse racket, and Melbourne's finest power electronics exponents Y35.3." (see the flyer a couple of posts below)

More posts soon.


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