Monday, October 29, 2007

Still Alive.

Well thing on the Blog have been pretty quite of recent times.. sorry about that I will attempt to get more active here. News on releases is slowly drifting in. Riververb stuff is in the works check out some sounds here. Myrtu recordings are in the pipeline as are Pig Heart Transplant works. I have also been discussing releases with Y35.3, Absoluten Calfeutrail and the mighty Rahdunes.

In other actions 731 is getting active interstate having just played shows in Adelaide and about to head to Sydney and Brisbane (fill in drummer Christoph of Roskopp in toe) with the great Schifosi. See dates and flyers below.

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam is a new project of free-punk-grind with formed by accident at Whitehorse rehearsals they will be playing their first show on the 5th of November at Pony (see flyer below) and have a tape release in the works.

Space Bong from Adelaide and Fattura Della Morte from Sydney are in Melbourne this week here is a flyer I put together for the shows. Attendance is recommended for Melbourne residents who like sludgy, heavy sounds and party atmospheres.


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