Monday, February 19, 2007

Label News.

Ok... here is a text heavy posting. It's been a while so I thought I would throw down a Sweat Lung Label update.

First of all Ian Wadley will be headed to the US for SXSW and a bundle of other shows, keep an eye out here for dates.

Both the Chris Smith Justin Fuller & Ian Wadley cds will be available soon at Aquarius Records in the US and are available now at Missing Link or email getonthehorse[@] to buy them direct.

The release scheduled as Sweat Lung 005 (Malakat) is traveling in the space plain of Simon & Edryan which Will at sometime in the future connect with the Sweat Lung time line but at this point visual confirmation has not been confirmed.

Next up on Sweat Lung will be the following release:
Sweat Lung 007: Justice Yeldham - CD
Bloody noise from the red spattered glass of Lucas Abela.

Sweat Lung 008: Magnetics - CD
Ben Andrews (Blarke Bayer / My Disco etc) & Sarah Heyward (The Focus) produce shimmering sounds from guitar & percussion with beautiful vocals. An amazing duo.

Sweat Lung 009: Blarke Bayer / Bone Sheriff - Split CD
Blarke Bayer is Ben Andrews exploring drone & harsh tones, with a previous 3" cd release on Numerical Thief BB on this outing finds himself accompanied but the primal alcohol fueled sonics of Bone Sheriff, Rob Mayson (Grey Daturas / EOH / Maggoted) & Simon Taylor (Whitehorse / Malakat).

All three of these release are not too distant from being completed, with any luck they will be available over the next couple of months.

More soon



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