Sunday, February 11, 2007

731 - Are You Ready To Grind

Okay so a little self indulgence here. 731 is my new band, the music we play is on the punk end of the grind scale, you can check out a couple of tracks here. The band features current and ex-members of Odiusembowel, Sense Of Purpose, Terror Firma, Fallout and Whitehorse. The first four photos were taken by Duncan of awesome long running Melbourne death-grinders Shagnum on his phone camera. If you look carefully you can make out Extraordinary G, playing guitar and I Quit drumming away at the back.

It was a killer first show playing with Damage Digital (Japan), Agents Of Abhorrence, Dad They Broke Me and Aeroflot.

This picture show a clearer story and was taken by The Budge (who rules) when we played at the Greenroom (RIP) with Guantanamo Bay City Rollers, Dad They Broke Me and Pisschrist.


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