Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Under The Bridge

There has been a bunch of shows under the Northcote Bridge over Merri Creek in Clifton Hill, I have played two shows down there one with Thugz n' Playaz and another with Collapsed Toilet Vietnam. I didn't really get any photos of any of the bands playing but here is some shots of the gathering under the bridge when Pathetic Human, Bleak Infinity, Bum Creek, Gauntlet (KRYSTOFFKRVSTOFFISTON & Always), Collapsed Toilet Vietnam and Spacebong played. A pretty awesome place to watch a show.

Northcote Bridge

Tommy Gun of Pathetic Human & Bleak Infinity

L-R Bernie, (dawg), Tara, Nat, Nissa, Dan... rad folk.

Gauntlet (true grey metal)


True Northcote Black Metal!

Spacebong (not true Adelaide black metal)


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